For everyone from flower to agricultural crops and vegetables: 6th Dutch Seed Symposium will be held on 3 October in Wageningen.

The Dutch Seed Symposium is the meeting where professionals from the seed sector and the knowledge institutions meet. Speakers from home and abroad are focusing on the latest developments in research and innovation. The language of the day is English. Day chairman is Wilco Ligtering, Assistant Professor at Wur Laboratory of Plant Physiology.

The speakers at the symposium are:

  • Professor Bill Finch-Savage, University of Warwick, UK
    Genetic and environmental regulation of seed germination: contrasting behavior in wild and crop plants of the Brassicaceae
  • Dr. Francesca Quattrocchio. NL
    Flower color: a model for the design of new products in the ornamental and fruit sectors
  • Kathrin Bachmann, MBA, Segment Manager Biologics and Vegetables, Bayer, Du
    Working to boost yields naturally – an introduction to Biologicals for SeedGrowth at Bayer
  • Dr. ir. Jos Wubben, Senior Policy Advisor, Plant Health, NVWA, NL
    Plant Biostimulants: definition and position in the revised EU Fertilizing products regulation
  • Dr. Piet M. Boonekamp, ​​President Artemis, NL
    Reflection on the wider range of biostimulants regarding resilience of plants against pests and diseases
  • Mariana Silva Artur MSc, PhD candidate at Wageningen University, NL
    Desiccation tolerance in seeds and resurrection plants with a focus on the role of LEAs
  • Eline Verbon Msc, PhD candidate at Utrecht University, NL
    Beneficial bacteria induce cell type specific gene expression changes
  • Dr. Julia Buitink, Institute of Seed and Horticulture, INRA Angers, Fr
    A quest for markers of seed quality: maturation and environment

Participation will require a cost-effective contribution of € 100, – per person with a maximum of € 600, – per company for six or more. Sign up at . The organization committee consists of Arjan Stolte (ASP Quality Support), Ruud Nabben (Bayer), Ger Lenssen (Rijk Zwaan), Theodorus Matakiadis (Monsanto) and Thijs Simons (Plantum).

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