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A year after Vilmorin SA and Mikado Kyowa Seed Co. Ltd united, the French-Japanese business unit of Limagrain, has changed its name to become Vilmorin-Mikado. A name embodying the roots and carrying the values of the company.

“One year after our merger, the new business unit has inherited the original traits of each entity. Therefore, just like in a family, our name must reflect both our common values and our respective features,” explains Rodolphe Millet, CEO of Vilmorin-Mikado.

“Our French and Japanese roots make us stronger and constitute our identity. This is why we chose this new name for our company.”

The new name of the company combines two of the world leading seed companies:
Vilmorin: French seed company involved in the seed market for nearly three centuries and has become a global player in the industry.
Mikado: The oldest Japanese seed company and the first to develop in Asia and around the world.

Vilmorin-Mikado is a global company implanted close to the markets over five continents, with offices in 12 countries and two strong trademarks. Vilmorin-Mikado offers a wide, unique and original range to all professionals in the vegetable industry. Vilmorin-Mikado team conveys a strong commitment to customer-service and passion for vegetables. Strong by its diversity and entrepreneurship spirit, it holds our values of audacity, proximity and excellence.



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