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Cimbria is an expert in developing and manufacturing equipment and complete plants of the highest quality, whilst together with our customers we individually define the requirements, expectations and particular wishes they may have to individual processes and thereby the final product. In 2016, Cimbria became part of AGCO, the world’s leading agro-industrial enterprise, which boasts brands such as Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. Alongside another globally recognized AGCO subsidiary, the silo manufacturer GSI, Cimbria has thus become the world’s leading supplier of equipment, complete solutions and technologies for the industrial grain and seed sector today.

One size does not fit all

The activities of Cimbria and GSI alone within AGCO result in more than 20 production sites all over the world and a sales and service presence that provides global coverage and enables professional insight into the local conditions that apply in each and every market.

GSI and Cimbria can happily report that the merger was absolutely the best thing that could have happened to both parties, as they are now serving the worldwide grain market hand-in-hand with the best products and solutions available. Within just one year since cooperation began, GSI and Cimbria have realized a number of silo installations for European customers by connecting excellent storage plants from GSI with precision sorting and cleaning plants from Cimbria.

BayWa Rohrbach – Germany

This season Cimbria and GSI installed a 6,000-tonne silo plant for BayWa Rohrbach in the south of Germany. Cimbria supplied the reception unit with intake pit and pre-cleaner, the feeding and pre-suction unit of Delta with air recircula­tion. The pre-cleaner and supplied loading chute were installed in a clever and compact manner within the intake drive right above the intake pit. The 150-t/h conveying equipment is also produced by Cimbria and includes chain conveyors and bucket elevators.

The GSI silos are all flat-bottom type. There are six in total, each with a holding capacity of 1,000 tonnes. Load-out conveyors and the aeration system have been installed in the bottom ring of the silo, which is filled with concrete up to a height of 900 mm, with integrated channels for chain conveyor and aeration. This clever design keeps all the essential systems above ground level, which is vital for keeping them clean and dry in the event of heavy rainstorms.

Brevis – Bulgaria

The company Brevis from Dulovo in the northeast of Bulgaria, recently updated one of their Cimbria installations, namely their pumpkin seed processing plant built in 2007, with further Cimbria machinery to increase capacity due to growing demand. This is also reflected in their investments in further GSI storage facilities in recent years.

When talking with Brevis owners Nikola Popov and his son Hristo, one can see that their main focus is high quality. This applies to their extensive product portfolio of crops, in addition to their machinery and plants for harvesting and post-harvesting processing systems.

On three different sites, Brevis receives, pre-cleans and stores its sunflower harvest in GSI- storage installations. The total holding capacity for sunflower in round silo bins is about 50,000 tonnes, which is equivalent to a storage volume of around 120,000 tonnes of wheat! A further 35,000 tonnes can be held in flat storage.

Cimbria’s partnership with Brevis started in 2007 with the erection of a pumpkin seed processing plant, followed by a huge sunflower fine-cleaning and peeling plant in 2013. The permanent expansion of Brevis’ business across Europe and the United States has now enabled Brevis to further increase its processing capacities by adding a new Cimbria intake and pre-cleaning section to their pumpkin processing line, as well as further fine-cleaning machines to the existing line for a capacity upgrade.

Cimbria was established in 1947 and is today an international organisation with 900 employees in 30 companies throughout the world. Since 2016, Cimbria has been a part of AGCO group of companies, who among others boasts the brand GSI, a recognised silo manufacturer. Cimbria offers storage, equipment and processing plants for the grain and seed industry and transport and conveying equipment for bulk handling. The company has an experienced, highly qualified workforce, its own development and construction department and modern production facilities, which enable it to construct and manufacture all of the solutions in accordance with the individual requirements of each client. Further information can be obtained on

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