Head of the breeding support department

Philippe Moreau

Head of the breeding support department , Euralis Semences

Philippe Moreau is 51 years old. He is head of the breeding support department in the Euralis seed R&D organization, covering genotyping, molecular breeding and biostatistics. Philippe graduate in Paris XI University and has a PhD in Plant Molecular Pathology. He has experience in molecular breeding: three years in Locus – a start up involved in plant genotyping service, and 18 years of experience at another breeding company before joining Euralis three years ago.

Advice from Industry Experts

Seed Treatment & Stewardship

Dennis D’Ostilio

Global Lead Recipe Development, Syngenta


Corn, Sorghum and Oilseeds

Oliver Becker

Market Development Manager for Early Corn, Euralis


Turf & Forage

Klaus K. Nielsen

Chief Scientific Officer, DLF


Seed Processing & Handling

Mark Scholze

CEO, Petkus