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At Petkus, we know that the agriculture sector is constantly changing, and that is why we are changing with it. And this is also why, when it comes to a containerized seed plant solution, we have no problems being on the move.

Our company has developed the interesting concept of having a complete seed line in a semi-mobile container, which for example could be fitting a frame that matches two 40’ shipping containers. This unit would include a de-awner, a cleaner, indents and a gravity table. I would like to underline that container solutions have been around for a while in other sectors, such as for small feed and flour-mills, but rarely, if at all, seen for seed lines.

One great benefit of the Semi-mobile concept is that if for example the client’s lease ends on the building, they can pack the line up and move it on, somewhere else. And this is exactly where we can step in.

Our units can be delivered anywhere in the world. It’s just a matter of simply unloading and positioning the unit on site for instant ‘plug & play’ operation. It doesn’t matter whether the client is using our mobile cleaning unit U 100, mobile seed treatment unit K 531, or our Mobile seed treatment unit with P 12 cleaner, Z 12 grader and CT 05 treater, we will be there to assist them all the way.

We’re very proud of the fact that the line can be installed in as little as eight days by two team members, plus one day for the crane installation. The unit is pre-wired with Schneider PLC, including remote support and Wi-Fi connectivity. Doing it onsite gives the producer a huge saving in both mechanical and electrical installation costs, without compromising plant performance.

The unit is designed without making any compromise in plant operability: all the walkways are wide and run right round the platform. Everything is accessible. This plant will work 24/7 all year round, and if it is not grading seed, it can be used to grade grain and pulses for export. Therefore, it was important that the whole unit is not too difficult to operate and/or maintain.

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