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Most people working in the seed sector will acknowledge that there are hardly any seed and grain plants without an air sifter. Air sifters come in various shapes and sizes, and are often the centrepiece of plants dealing with any kind of crops – whether it is for seed or consumption grain. These versatile machines have been with us for decades, but time has left them virtually untouched, with close to zero innovations.

But what about innovations to important aspects such as operator friendliness, EH&S aspects, increased flexibility and efficiency? For us at Petkus it was time for a next generation cleaner and to rethink the obvious. The PETKUS M 12 s cleaner is the result. Touchpanel steering replaces manual adjustment and facilitates operation and control. An illuminated pull-out step in combination with easy to open electro supported screen box shutters and a screen fixation and exchange system that allows screen changing with two fingers makes the cleaner safe, convenient and easy to handle. Replacement of the sieves has become very easy, also because the sifter comes with a variety of versions from different manufacturers. Just to give an example: the time for screen changing could be reduced by 80%.

Most often, the indication of screen area ignores the inefficient screen area which is the area (bar) between the ball chambers. Our designers have considerably reduced this area and at the same time have improved the ball cleaning system, that ensures a complete emptying of the compartment.

In close cooperation with industry partners, the aspiration system was revised and considerably improved with regard to efficiency and precision. After sifting, the grains pass a gravity table like passage where the grain layer is loosened. This overcomes a bottleneck in terms of efficiency in every sifter: the compactness of a thick grain layer while running high capacities. The capacity for seed cleaning is 20 tons per hour and for industrial cleaning even a whopping 50 tons per hour. Furthermore, the main aspiration system consists of a unique three air channel system that is electrically controlled by ultrasonic-sensors depending on grain layer thickness. In addition, automatically adjusted air flaps ensure constant air flow rates and balance common fluctuations in aspiration air in a plant.

So, ask yourself whether the centrepiece of your seed plant still fulfils your claims. Maybe it is time to rethink!

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