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Due to the constant growing number of different coating-like inoculants, colorants, flow-ability agents, and coatings, liquid quantity has increased over the last number of years. Also, the requirement on seed treatment quality regarding homogenous coating and less friction (dust emission) was getting more and more.

This facts lead to the newest development of PETKUS. The solution for high-quality seed production lies in the technology. To provide our customers with the highest quality seeds, we focus on a number of important issues such as stress reduction, a minimization of the various process steps, an elimination of friction, a preservation of germination capability and last but not least, optimisation of sowability. To achieve this, our company has developed a machine that newly defines chemical treatment, encrusting and pelleting.

It uses air cushion technology during the encrusting and pelleting of seeds, which not only allows for gentle handling, but also the subsequent drying and a reduction of dust abrasion. All treatments, including diluents, dyes, polymers or other pelleting and coating substances, can be applied subsequently and/or at different times and intensities. Within a single batch and machine, the product can be treated and then dried. Encrusted or pelleted seeds need not be dried in any further steps — leaving healthy grain as healthy grain.

Our newest invention works according to the rotor-stator principle. The dosing of the chemical agent and additives is done via inductive flow meters or by “loss-in weight.” The chemical agent and seed quantities are measured continuously and thus the actual and target values are compared and automatically adjusted throughout an ongoing process. A corrugated spraying disc creates an extremely fine mist of the chemical agent at a wide spraying angle.  The rotor and stator are made of smooth, electro-polished stainless steel, so there is no chemical agent residue adherence. Deflecting elements made of plastic, with a form similar that of an aircraft wing draw the seed into the middle in an optimized and aerodynamic manner, ensuring excellent mixing.

The highlight of our MultiCoater is its sophisticated air management. Air passes through nozzles and an adjustable gap between the stator and rotor. This creates an air cushion between the stator wall and the seeds which dramatically reduces the friction stress. Towards the end of the coating process the air flow rate can be increased in order to further dry the seed. Coated seeds do not need to be dried in another process step.

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