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The interface between technology and construction is complex. To manage this interface within a tight schedule and a given budget presents a challenge, even for experienced investors. In order to provide appropriate solutions for our customers, we have developed the Turnkey+ concept which combines turnkey plants PLUS experience, advice and expertise. As a company, we have an in-depth understanding of the complexity involved in delivering turnkey projects enabling us to optimize the Key Performance Indicators far beyond the basics. Only in this way is it possible to evaluate turnkey plants on a solid economic basis. The core concept covers agricultural economic consulting, investment studies, site searches, land management, support for approval procedures, logistics concepts, infrastructure measures, utilities and services, design, construction and installation.

A dedicated team provides holistic solutions in technology and engineering to our customers with an absolute focus on delivering tangible results. Keenly aware that the foundations for a successful project are laid long before the actual execution phase, we apply our profound knowledge of project development within the grain and seed industry from the initial idea through to the begin of operations. For us, supporting customers with the definition of project objectives and determining the economic feasibility of a project is just as much part of a project as managing the permitting procedure, designing and building.

The evaluation of options is an essential first step in project development. Whether it is the utilization of existing customer resources, site selection, the development of infrastructure and logistical concepts or turnkey design and build – our expertise ensures an optimal solution. Combined with the full spectrum of our seed and grain technology including complete installation, commissioning, training and technical service during operation, the result is a unique all round package. Turnkey+ removes the interfaces that give rise to difficulties in so many projects – between investor project teams and numerous partners, between technology and construction, between international customers and local companies.

The worldwide network of our engineering- and branch-offices has a proven track record and provides the customer with ready local access. Our experienced engineering team aims to ensure customer satisfaction through transparent project management, value engineering, schedule adherence, effective cost management and service of the highest quality. Our world revolves around seed and grain, a fact backed up by its numerous references and international customer base.

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