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Second-Generation Tropical Dent® Corn Hybrids: Yield And Stability From East To West Europe


Thanks to Tropical Dent®’s unique genetic material, Euralis Seeds has created a new generation of grain maize hybrid. Productive in high-potential and stressed conditions, Tropical Dent® is providing new market opportunities for Euralis Seeds, particularly in Eastern Europe.

Tropical Dent® provides us a new genetic source in grain maize which is unique on the market. The introduction of this new family into our existing genetic material since 2006 has increased genetic variability and contributed to boost the performance of our hybrids. Until 2010, these hybrids were mainly tested in an experimental network located in Western Europe, in pedo-climatic conditions with high yield potential. Since 2010, these trials have been extended eastwards, particularly in Romania and Ukraine, where hybrids are subjected to stronger climatic stresses, such as water deficit and high temperatures. We have been able to identify high-yielding Tropical Dents hybrids which are performing well on a broad range of soils and climates.

Thanks to these new hybrids, Euralis is expanding its products offer, from very early to mid-late maize hybrids. We will be able to meet the needs of Eastern Europe, where Ukraine and Russia are the two largest European markets. These varieties also offer solutions to farmers in Western Europe who are facing more and more difficult weather conditions. They guarantee a high and secured yield.

Thanks to the introduction of Tropical Dent® in our genetic resources, we have maximized the heterosis in order to increase the yield and stability of our corn hybrids.