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European Seed Launches News App


As the business world has become more global, so has the need to be more mobile without sacrificing productivity. European Seed is excited to further enhance the critical information sharing that it brings to the global seed industry with the debut of the European Seed app for iOS devices and Android devices.

“The fact is, we’ve wanted this added to our offering for the past couple years but have waited until we could execute at the highest level,” says Shawn Brook, publisher of European Seed and president of Issues Ink. “Executives and employees can no longer afford to get behind because of business travel. For those who work in the seed industry, especially at the international level, it seems there’s a meeting on the calendar every day of the year.”

Brook explains that being able to stay up-to-date and informed on the latest issues at the swipe of a screen was the impetus for the new European Seed app.

“We wanted to create a process that enables connection to critical content with literally the swipe of your finger, and now our readers have what they have been requesting,” he says of the news app. “I believe the members of European Seed audience will be extremely happy, and we will, as always, continue to add more options for readers to engage with our content.”

iOS device users can download the app here and Android devices here.

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