On 26 April, the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) publicly launched its latest report ‘Opportunities and challenges for research on food and nutrition security and agriculture in Europe’.

Part of a major global project that involves 130 Academies of Science, the current report takes an integrative food systems approach that touches upon various correlated issues such as environmental sustainability and resource efficiency, biodiversity protection and food waste reduction. The report seeks to shift the public understanding of scientific matters by inquiring ‘how the current scientific evidence base can shape understanding of challenges by the public, serve as a resource for innovation, and inform policy options (…)?’

The report highlights various scientific recommendations within the framework of five strategic dimensions:

  • Nutrition, food choices and food safety
  • Plants and animals in agriculture
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Waste
  • Trade and markets
  • Innovation trends

During the launch event, Plant ETP represented by its Executive Manager, Ms Aleksandra Malyska, participated in the panel discussion moderated by Dr Robin Fears, EASAC Biosciences Director. During the debate, Aleksandra Malyska stressed the need for increased integration of stakeholders across the agricultural value chain,  which will  allow relevant actors to innovate beyond their resources and make best use of internal and external ideas.

The report is publicly available here.

Source: EASAC – the European Academies Science Advisory Council 

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