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The Bejo Open Days annual voyage of discovery for growers and partners from the chain takes place from 25 to 29 September 2018.

Bejo looks forward to sharing its research and innovation results during these days. The various activities and attractions, including guided tours, symposiums and crop presentations, ensure that visitors experience and discover Bejo at its best.

Bejo will display a varied assortment of tomatoes, peppers and gherkins in the innovative fruit crop tunnel. Beekeepers will demonstrate the importance of bees and Bejo’s activities in bee breeding and bee health.

In addition to Bejo’s well-known innovative concepts like the ‘Coolwrap’ cabbage concept and the Cool carrot candy, visitors will also discover new applications for kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts. The Purple Power concept is new this year. Purple varieties are not only characterised by their beautiful colour, their high vitamin and antioxidant content also makes a positive contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

On Tuesday, 25 September, Bejo will be holding the “Taste, Health & Innovation 2018 – Brussels Sprouts symposium”; an inspiring and informative event for growers of sprouts from around the world.

On Thursday, 27 September, Bejo will be holding the “All about young plants symposium”, specifically aimed at international plant growers. Participation in both events is by invitation.

The Open Days will take place from Tuesday 25 September until Saturday 29 September from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Saturday until 4 p.m.) at Trambaan 1 in Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands.


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