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As an operation leader, I am always focusing on transformative changes and new ways of creating value. In order to set up operational priorities that align with corporate strategy we need the proper framework.

At Euralis we have always chosen the quality of the seeds as a major focus of our customer experience.

We are producing our hybrids in more than 10 different countries. With such an extensive network, the organization is key to ensure quality, full traceability and on time delivery to our customers.

Our quality system is first and foremost based on hybrid knowledge. During the entire phase of a new hybrid development we are accumulating data on all key parameters in order to control the production of each hybrid. Because customer experience is key for us we want to achieve the best germination capacity for our hybrids.

For the production process we choose our agricultural zones based on their soil and climatic conditions. A complete documentation system (protocols, productions guidelines…) associated with a training program, gives to our producers the ability to master all critical steps of our production process. Our agronomists are also present in each production zones to support our producers if they face a difficult situation and constantly improve the production practices.

Our factories are also equipped with the most recent technologies especially in terms of calibration and optical sorting to make sure we preserve the highest quality level.

In conjunction with our quality system, with have in each factory an independent quality control laboratory. During the production process, every lot is controlled a minimum of 12 times to ensure our customers that they will get the best from our genetic.

Every country outside the European Union where we have a market share has their own certification system and all our lots are going through this final screening to be released by a certified laboratory.

Finally, every year we gather all the data from every country in a form of a feedback session for all agronomists. Through our business units we are also gathering feedback from our customers to constantly improve our customer service. Those are key steps to feed our continuous improvement system.

At Euralis we know that trust is nothing without quality.

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