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Is Your Content Sexy?


I must confess, I have yet to try a Beyond Meat burger.

I have, however, tried other plant-based protein products. I like them. I love to eat meat, and don’t have any plans to reduce my meat intake, but I see the value in plant-based options for people who don’t eat meat, want to cut back on it, or just want something to supplement a healthy diet.

I had the pleasure recently of moderating a webinar on the topic, and it was an eye-opening experience to learn more about plant-based proteins. But what really stood out for me was the interest others had in the subject matter and how people involved in the seed industry saw the opportunity presented by the plant-based protein market.

The reason they were interested is because they could see the connection between their seed business and the plant-based protein market. People who breed pulses are the ones who supply this market with raw materials. People who grow pulses play an obvious role in helping supply the market with those raw materials.

It reminded me that good content is content that people can connect with and relate to, but great content also piques their interest. Everyone has heard about the Beyond Meat burger. It’s what we refer to in the content marketing world as a “sexy” topic.

What makes a topic “sexy”?

  1. The subject appeals to not only industry players but to the general public — consumers. If consumers benefit and find it interesting, that’s your gauge to determine how well it will resonate. Even if you’re not trying to appeal to consumers directly, everyone involved in your industry is a consumer as well. When you appeal to consumers, you appeal to everyone around you — and yourself.
  2. The subject and content help improve people’s lives in some regard. There needs to be an important takeaway, or it has to spur people to action.
  3. It isn’t clickbait. There can a fine line between content that is “sexy” and content that can be seen as frivolous. It’s always important to ensure your content is of quality and doesn’t take anything out of context or blow it out of proportion. Avoid making “clickbait” out of it.

Is there a sexy topic you’ve been wanting to tell your audience about? Follow the above and you’ll attract eyeballs.

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