Partner Content An Integrated Approach to Seed Treatment

An Integrated Approach to Seed Treatment


For the European market, renewed and sustainable success lies not with individual products but with complete solutions that combine the best in seed treatment technologies, processes and practices.

In recent years, the growth of the European seed treatment market has been hampered by a number of factors that include uncertainty and governmental restrictions on the use of some active ingredients found in seed treatment products.

New innovations in seed applied technology have countered the negative impact of these restrictions somewhat, but the market decline is expected to persist for the next couple of years until the next wave of cutting-edge seed treatment products becomes entrenched in Europe.

Bayer SeedGrowth is leading the way in the area of innovative seed treatments/enhancements, and it’s a big reason why we are so positive about the growth prospects of the European seed treatment market in both the medium and long terms.

Guillermo Bort

We see the value of seed treatment as a very efficient way to deliver crop protection technologies to growers with reduced environmental impact, and we recognize that strong leadership around stewardship and comprehensive training related to best practices are also key.

To be successful, European farmers need solutions that are not only more environmentally friendly but also increase efficiencies and tackle vital agronomic issues like insect and nematode control.

Bayer SeedGrowth has addressed these needs with a number of new seed treatments recently introduced to different markets within Europe. These include Redigo M® and Scenic Gold® which provides disease protection for corn and oilseed rape, and Bariton Super®, a fungicidal product for cereal crops.

At Bayer SeedGrowth, we’re proud of our seed treatment offerings but we also recognize the key to future success lies not with individual products, but with an integrated approach.

Rather than focusing all our efforts on providing single solutions, Bayer SeedGrowth is committed to developing new, innovative, tailored solutions that combine a recipe of new technologies, both chemical and biological, with the right farming and stewardship practices to ensure seeds express their full potential.

We recognize the best path to innovation lies with collaborating and forging partnerships with other industry stakeholders—not just the big players but with regional seed companies and start-up initiatives—that result in cohesive, cross-functional efforts that pull seed treatment options together into complete solutions that provide the best chance of success.

Because of our strong partnerships and our commitment to providing integrated solutions, Bayer SeedGrowth is in a unique position to lead the new surge in innovation in areas like small molecule research, new coatings, and improved seed treatment equipment and services. In this new digital age of agriculture, we are also looking forward by developing new digital solutions and tools that promote the safe and cost-effective application of seed treatment products.

Organic chemistry is another key piece, and we will continue to seek out new biological solutions as part our long-term strategy to expand and improve seed-applied technologies for our farmer and industry partners. JumpStart® and ProStablish® are two biological new products for controlling nematodes in wheat that Bayer SeedGrowth is preparing to launch in some European countries, and more are on their way.

The recent shifts in the seed treatment market in Europe have necessitated change—not just in the type of products offered but in the way seed-applied solutions are developed and marketed. By focusing on integrated solutions that blend the best in seed treatment technologies, processes and practices, Bayer SeedGrowth is helping drive this change.

Editor’s Note: Guillermo Bort has many years of experience working extensively in the seed treatment and biologicals marketplace in different parts of the world. He worked as South America Regional Industrial Seed Treatment Manager for Novozymes before joining Monsanto in 2014. At Monsanto, he performed a number of roles, including Marketing and Product Management Lead for Seed Applied Solutions for South America and Global Pipeline Lead for Seed Applied Solutions. In September 2019, he joined Bayer SeedGrowth’s regional marketing team in Europe as Europe Middle East Africa Portfolio Indication Lead.