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Providing Farmers with Better Risk Management Tools


Over the last decade the agricultural world has changed a lot and risk management is evolving for farmers, especially at planting time. Factors influencing this are early planting, new agronomy management, an increase of the biotic and abiotic stresses, and the wish to go for a solution of less chemicals that have a high environmental and regulatory pressure. But the standard seed treatment is not changing to control these new production risks.

And that is why our company decided to provide farmers with a higher standard of seed treatment to manage these new production risks at planting, all under the new brand name ‘LumiGEN’. This product is grouping all the seed treatment technology together and is systematically providing a biofertilizer in all its offers. The solution was launched this year on all our crops and in all our bags.

In France we proposed five different offers under this product’s brand:

–           Standard (for corn, winter oil seed rape [WOSR] and sunflower)

–           Insecticide (for corn)

–           Bird repellent (for corn)

–           Premium (for corn)

–           Premium Insecticide (for corn)

Each single field has its specific problems such as diseases, pests, or abiotic stress. Thanks to the large panel of product offerings, we can provide a specific solution for the problems of each field.

This is a unique market approach in France, and it was a key differentiator point during the 2020 sales campaign.

Globally the first results of our technology were appreciated by our customers. In the North, our genetics were more vigorous than it used to be during the previous years.

In many cases we have seen an advantage on root development, plant density and vigour specifically in difficult situations, such as cold stress.

Even if the biofertilization effect is not visible in all the fields, depending on the planting condition, our Premium offer of the product (i.e. a specific offer including the best seed quality), was always more homogenous, with less small plants and better density and vigour.

Farmers will expect an evolution in the future product offer, so they can always give a better answer to each field problem: a new bird repellent solution, insecticide (corn & WOSR) or fungicide (specially on downy mildew for sunflower).