INSIDERSSeed Applied TechnologiesCorteva Seed Applied Technologies at Euroseeds – The Distance That Unites Us!

Corteva Seed Applied Technologies at Euroseeds – The Distance That Unites Us!


Almost a year ago, by mid-October 2019, Corteva’s Seed Applied Technologies team arrived in Sweden for another Euroseeds event. The expectations were high. After all, Corteva’s SAT was one of the main event sponsors, taking also the sponsorship of the Welcome Reception. We made sure we had a lively booth that provided constant interaction with visitors, not only from a technical and commercial level, but also at a fun level, with quizzes and gifts.

We were far from imagining that a pandemic would be hitting the world in the near future… And when it did, everything changed… People were locked at home, planes stayed on the ground, all kinds of events were cancelled or postponed.

But there was a hope that things would get better… Corteva’s SAT was already appointed as the main sponsor for Euroseeds 2020. For the first time we would be Platinum sponsors for one of the most important industry’s events in Europe. The Euroseeds organization never gave up on holding the physical event, but unfortunately a solution to this problem still seems very far away, and the event will have to be held in a digital, online format.

Nevertheless, Corteva’s SAT is totally committed in providing the best experience to any visitor that we have the pleasure to welcome at our virtual booth.

Visitors will be able to chat with our Key Account Managers through the chat/video option present at the booth.

They will be able to flip through our SAT catalogue and get a broad idea of our product range, or, instead, visit our brochures section to go more into detail of the technicalities of our products.

A wide range of media assets, in the form of videos, will also be available to watch. Visitors will be able not only to revise 2019’s videos, but also find new videos on Lumiposa insecticide seed treatment, Lumisena fungicide seed treatment and Lumidapt growth nutrition seed treatment.

While visiting our booth, why not watch a webinar? These have been pre-recorded and will feature not only our SAT’s Team members, but also our close partners from Profarm, who will discuss growth nutrition seed treatments, Lumidapt, for OSR, Corn and Sunflower and Ympact for cereals.

Among these webinars you will find one dedicated to Lumiposa insecticide seed treatment in Corn, which is a new addition to SAT’s portfolio. Lumiposa will manage effectively the most common and destructive insects in corn, that prevent a good crop establishment, such as wireworms and cutworms, and visitors will be able to understand this in detail.

Finally, if you would like to meet other members of our team, then just click on the “Meet the Team” pane. You will have a self-introduction by each team member and access to their direct contacts

At Corteva we are very excited and honored to be part of this online event as the main sponsors.

All this situation has taken companies worldwide to increase and improve their digital tools and Corteva is no exception. We are developing technologies that will meet customer’s needs and help them in their own businesses.

Of course, nothing replaces the human presence and a good hand shake, but given the current situation, and all these restrictions that physically distance us, now more than ever, we will be delighted to say, “Welcome to our Booth”.

In the meantime, please visit us at or

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