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Preparing for the Next Season


Interview with Daniel Nita, Seed Production Lead at Corteva

European Seed (ES): Daniel, what are the preparations of the CORTEVA Seed Production Team for the next Lumigen 2021 season?

Daniel Nita (DN): The 2021 season is already under way and the key of the success is the communication between all parties involved in the process. Specific to the treatment strategy, the Seed Production and Supply Chain (SPSC) team are already connected with Seed Applied Technologies (SAT) and the Marketing team to define this season’s approach and start the preparations. We have already completed a successful WOSR bagging season and managed to process the requested volumes.

ES: Is there anything different in the approach for 2021 compared to the past year?

DN: Considering the treatment restrictions across the EU, within our asset footprint network we continue to review the way we operate and make sure that we utilize at maximum our processing capacity and align with the Corteva strategy. We continue to support regional teams for product registration to allow us flexibility and promote the Lumigen brand within our network.

ES: What do you hope to achieve in 2021?

DN: The most important aspect for us is safety. With the current situation worldwide, our main focus is to keep all of our employees safe. Our goal is to hold ourselves in SPSC, business partners, contractors and contract manufacturing partners to the highest standards in ethics, safety, and environmental stewardship. For processing we have a very challenging season ahead of us – close to 1 million units more to bag, comparing to the previous one, and one of our goals is to start early bagging and make sure the targets are met.

ES: How important was the feedback from farmers for your approach?

DN: It is the way we operate our business, feedback is always a gift and it is very important for us to stay close to our customers, understand their needs so we can constantly improve and provide tailor made solution and show them the passion and power that is behind every bag of seed. As SPSC team, we will continue to assert ourselves as the industry leader and continue to deliver high quality seed on time.

ES: With the corona pandemic, are your preparations different from other years?

DN: Safety, as I mentioned, is our main focus. We already have the experience of the first quarter Q1 when most of our European sites operated under full country lockdowns and SPSC managed, not only to operate at 100% capacity, with no infected employees, but also to break the records in terms of processing, delivery and find innovative solutions for our supply chain: new logistics routes. Italy is a great example and I could not be prouder on how the local team managed the situation in Q1.

We started to prepare for each site for field and plant operation for COVID19 and we provide support to our business partners, farmers, local communities and share our plans and safety best practices with them. In several locations, after being audited by officials, we were asked to share our plans as recognized good practices.

I am proud to have the best teams working in each of our locations and currently we are finishing the field activities (detasseling, rouging) and focus on the last important steps: harvest and processing. Up to now, thanks to the dedication and engagement of the teams all activities were completed as planned.