INSIDERS Benefits of LumiBio Kelta for German Farmers

Benefits of LumiBio Kelta for German Farmers


One of the new product innovations that I am very excited about is LumiBio™ Kelta. This is a new biological nutrient seed dressing consisting of organic acids, biopolymers as well as micro and macro nutrients.

We apply this product on 100 per cent of our seeds as it helps to manage planting risk. The previous years showed us that favourable or unfavourable weather conditions during seeding seem to be nearly unpredictable. So, the occurrence of strong abiotic stress, for example wet and cold conditions, is not limited to a specific area or period. Our product has a strong impact on the plants capability to deal with a challenging environment during emergence, so it is in fact a safety net for plant establishment.

Another difficulty in seed protection during emergence is the more and more restricted registration situation of “conventional” seed treatment products. We face more and more gaps in protection against certain pests and diseases. Our new seed dressing helps us here indirect with speeding up plant emergence. This shortens the time of the plant in the susceptible and risky phase.

There are several benefits to using this new product over inorganic fertilizers. German agriculture is highly professional and, in some regions, very livestock intensive. With respect to nutrient application limits in a lot of these highly intensive areas, an application of inorganic fertilizers, especially potassium, is strongly restricted. Compared to inorganic fertilizer gifts, the quantity of nutrients in a seed treatment solution like ours is very low and does not even need to be included in the nutrient balance calculations.

The effect of these perfectly plant available nutrients, as part of the seed coating, helps us to ensure the very first nutrient demand during emergence. This new innovation is for sure not a full substitute of inorganic fertilizers. But we saw in our last year’s agronomy trials that we could archive the same plant establishment with only half the dose of inorganic fertilizers + LumiBIo Kelta as we did with the full inorganic fertilizer dose. So, it helps us at least to reduce the dose of applied nutrients.

I would like to make one thing clear; this new product is not only for use in corn but can also be used on other crops. The effect of the seed dressing in enhancing the plant metabolism is universal. It works basically in all crops. We use it in Germany on corn, rape seed and sunflower.