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A Unique Partnership That Will Grow


The other day, I spoke with Francesco. He is 35 years old farmer, and for 15 of those years he has been a Pioneer customer, as were his parents before him. He told me that he is always thinking ahead – something critical in the farming business. Planning is everything! That and hard work. But some things are harder to plan for than others. Seasons come and go, and the weather keeps changing… These are the unpredictable things that worry farmers, because everything will be reflected on the outcome of their crops.

A good season for pests and fungi is a bad season for farmers. For them and their families because their farm is everything -their livelihood and their future prosperity.

Many farmers are keen to make full use of the latest technologies, and anything they can control, they will try to improve productivity, yield quality and profitability. And he told me “You know, at the end of the day, this business is all about growth.”

To give farmers the best solutions for their challenges our company has set-up, and keeps developing in various locations around the world, the C-SAT’s, which stands for Centre for Seed Applied Technologies. Here at the leading edge of agriscience, our Corteva teams develop seed treatment solutions, conducting extensive trials in the areas of formulation, application, handling and metering of different seed and recipe combinations. Following our rigorous PASSER testing process, which stands for Plantability, Application, Seed Safety, Stewardship, Efficacy and Regulatory. This ensures that only passed and proven products are scaled for real-world application. At the end of the day, we seek to achieve our dream to help feed the growing global population. And by developing sustainable agritools, we can provide farmers with the best possible solutions to help them maximize productivity and improve their holdings. For that our company has joined the best of both worlds into a unique seed treatment solution: LumiGEN, a single, umbrella brand for our seed applied technologies portfolio.

Over the years I have come to understand that unique solutions result in unique partnerships, and those partnerships are meant to grow. We have been growing crops and trust for over a hundred years. For more than a century we have been putting farmers in control. Because with such seed treatments, Francesco can give each plant in his fields the best start in life. For more assured growth, while helping to manage and lower risks, resulting in yield stability, and this is bringing certainty to his business and to his family’s future. We aim to provide a tailored solution, that is unique for the farmer and their holdings. Because in the end, we can all grow better if we grow together. Just see for yourself: