Plants are talking. To grow food sustainably, let’s listen in. – A European Seed Innovation Webinar


Plants use fast electrical signals to control development and defence. Learn how these signals can be decoded using machine learning and used to breed and grow better plants

During this session you’ll learn:

  • About sophisticated information networks that plants using to sense and react to their environments
  • How tapping into these information networks using electrophysiology enables you to monitor plant reactions in real-time
  • How Vivent records plant signals and builds machine learning models to predict plant responses to a wide range of stressors (abiotic and biotic)
  • How you can use electrophysiology to speed up trait analysis, detect pests and pathogens or optimise growing conditions

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Our Webinar Speakers:

Dr Nigel Wallbridge
Nigel is an internationally renowned serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Vivent. With a PhD in biomedical engineering and an MBA from INSEAD he has founded several high-tech businesses linked to information and communications networks. He is a strong believer in technology as a tool to improve the health of people, plants and the environment.

Dr Andrzej Kurenda
Andrzej is the Chief Scientific Officer at Vivent and has worked for over 10 years ­­in plant electrophysiology and molecular biology research. Besides extensive experience in ­­electrophysiology, he brings in-depth knowledge of molecular biology and microscopy to Vivent’s team. His strong analytical and data processing skills enable him to quickly gain insights from the large data sets in Vivent’s world leading plant electrophysiology library.

Thomas Meacham
Thomas develops state of the art models to decipher and predict the internal state of plants at Vivent…As well as his experience developing and deploying models, building distributed streaming pipelines, and architecting backend infrastructure, Thomas brings a strong DevOps and Agile culture to the team, which he approaches with the same rigour he applies to his ones and zeros.

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