INSIDERSSaving Winter Oilseed Rape

Saving Winter Oilseed Rape


After the ban of neonicotinoids, many European farmers had to give up growing winter oilseed rape (WOSR) due to the enormous challenge of controlling pests. This crop is in the field for approximately 11 months. Being in the fields for that long period, increases the exposure to a large number of pests during its crop cycle.

Most common WOSR pests in Europe are cabbage stem flea beetle (Psylliodes spp), cabbage flea beetles (Phyllotreta spp), turnip sawfly (Athalia rosae), cabbage root fly (Delia radicum), aphids, rape stem and cabbage seed weevil (Ceutorhynchus), pollen beetle (Meligethes) among others. These pests affect the plant establishment, cause loss of vigor, increase the risk to frost, increase the risk to disease by facilitating the access to fungal pathogens, etc. Crop yield can be reduced between 30-50-70% depending on the pest and the stage of infection, but in any case, the economic benefit for farmers is drastically reduced.

There is no well-identified genetic resistance against insects in WOSR. Farmers are exploring ways to escape the insect pressure by agronomic practices or with resilient hybrids (fast growth, strong vigor in fall/spring), but it is not enough.

In recent years, neonicotinoids were the solution against many of these pests, but after their ban in EU27 and other countries outside of Europe, many farmers could not control the pests in their fields and had to stop this crop in their farms.

Corteva recently launched the solution for WOSR farmers. Lumiposa is a seed treatment technology that protects the crop against most of the pests mentioned above. It helps the plants to develop a suitable establishment and enter the winter in a perfect rosette stage. Achieving a good plant establishment can guarantee 70% of the harvest.

Lumiposa is applied on the seed with a very low amount of active ingredient. In addition to protecting the young plants in very early stage and helping the plant to develop faster, healthier, and stronger, this technology has a very effective application and low environment impact. Lumiposa helps WOSR farmers to protect their crop and to protect their farm in a sustainable way. Neonicotinoids are already part of the past.

Pioneer WOSR seed is always treated with the best technology in the market. Pioneer seed is treated with LumiGEN™ solution, a seed treatment package that helps farmers to have a successful season. LumiGEN™ seed treatments are designed, verified and proven to work with Pioneer® genetics, giving farmers a higher level of confidence in their seed treatment options. Most of Pioneer WOSR seed includes LumiGEN™ Premium Insecticide powered by Lumiposa, to ensure the pest control since the very early stage of the crop. LumiGEN™ Premium Insecticide powered by Lumiposa is the best solution for insect control in oilseed rape.

LumiGEN™ Premium Insecticide powered by Lumiposa is now our Pioneer present and future seed treatment. We have done more than 2.000 trials in Europe to demonstrate the consistency and performance of LumiGEN™, and we had great acceptability by the farmers. Together with LUMIBIO Kelta, our growth enhancer solution, the LumiGEN™ offers are really delivering top of mind results.