Blend More. Apply More. Save More.


USC’S HUB Blending System is shaking up the way treatments are applied to seed.

USC has developed another industry-changing, seed treating application system that is beginning to revolutionize the way operators are applying treatments to seed. USC’s HUB Blending System handles up to 20 unique seed treatments, applications or ingredients – liquid or dry – at once.

This clean, efficient and innovative plug-and-go system is the latest addition to the company’s expansive seed application product line. This alternative to traditional blending methods has been welcomed with open arms from operators running small, mid and bulk seed treatment operations and introduces the first blending option of its kind to the market.

There is plenty to brag about:

  • BLEND UP TO 20 INGREDIENTS: System includes up to 16 automated and four “hand-add” slots designed to accurately batch multiple ingredients, providing the first real-time blending system for any-sized treating operation.
  • LIQUID AND DRY APPLICATIONS: Apply liquid or dry applications through USC’s rapid agitation design.
  • CRAFTSMANSHIP & CONVENIENCE: Simple plug-and-go system provides quick connections, minimal installation and pre-plumbed lines with 25-feet of wire re-inforced tubing.
  • AUTOMATED CONTROLS: Choose 8- or 16-ingredient automated controls, run via mobile device and compatible with USC’s industry-leading U-Treat automation platform.
  • ACCURACY SAVES: Because the HUB blending system provides the most accurate application, treatment isn’t wasted — saving your operation resources across the board.


  • More than a decade experience in USC sales, service and product management.
  • Responsible for new product coordination, verification and market launch.
  • Develops and manages new product communications.