INSIDERSHow to Bring a Smile to a Sunflower Farmer’s Face?

How to Bring a Smile to a Sunflower Farmer’s Face?


Turkey is one of the most important sunflower growing countries. But the crop is suffering from major disease pressure by downy mildew (Plasmopara halstedii). This pathogen is considered a major disease in all sunflower producing countries in Europe. Downy mildew can cause significant crop damage by killing or stunting of infected plants, reducing crop stands and causing yield loss. Despite the widespread distribution, downy mildew is listed as a quarantine organism in Europe. Even low disease levels can have severe implications for sunflower production and export of seeds.

This is why more and more farmers are seeking help through the use of Lumisena. This product (oxathiapiprolin) is a fungicide seed treatment which brings a new and unique mode of action. It delivers best-in-class protection against diseases caused by oomycete fungal pathogens, such as downy mildew. Lumisena consistently demonstrates improved emergence, vigour, and healthier stand establishment to help maximize yields. It delivers effective seedling protection by affecting multiple stages of the pathogen’s life cycle, resulting in better efficacy and length of control. A unique solution is offered by our company, for downy mildew control, which is the most important problem of Turkish sunflower farmers.

I am delighted that for my country, Turkey, Lumisena’s registration was completed in May 2021, so it can now be utilized as a seed treatment on sunflower in Turkey.

So far, the results have been really great. In part, this is because the product affects a novel target site of action (it inhibits the oxysterol binding protein) in oomycete pathogens. Another part of its success is that there is systemic uptake and translocation through the seed and the roots of the seedling, into the plant shoots. On top of that, Lumisena has an excellent seed safety profile and a very favourable environmental profile.

Also, the main customers, the sunflower farmers are really satisfied. The trial results reveal that especially when conducted in areas with strong pressure of downy mildew, the product shows a high efficacy in sunflower protection in Turkey. Farmers are very happy with seeing the effect of Lumisena on downy mildew control. Witnessing the farmers’ happiness is just amazing, especially because the seed germinates well, and homogeneously. The smile on their faces summarizes all. The yield and quality results after the harvest are proof of the unique success of this product. Many farmers come to us and thank our company Corteva Agriscience for this unique seed applied technology solution.

If I had to summarize this fungicide, I would easily classify it as ‘Best in class’.