As the ag industry expands into more tech-related positions and even more precise biology requirements, the competition for talent is fierce. Hiring managers are battling not only competing ag companies, but non-ag technology, pharmaceutical and other industries looking for the cream of the crop.

So, how does ag stack up when it comes to offers?

“There’s a lot of competitiveness to some of the other industries,” says Rhonda Werner, recruiting consultant and partner with Ag1Source. “I don’t think there’s a huge discrepancy.”

Obviously, salary is an important part of the equation but that doesn’t mean it’s the only factor candidates consider.

“There’s this idea of purpose behind what you’re doing,” says Jordan Moss, associate partner with the Financial Exchange Group. “Salaries need to be comparable, but employees also want to know if there’s room for career growth [for example].”

In today’s competitive job market companies need to be ready to move and move quickly. Avoid potential pitfalls and know what it takes to make an offer someone can’t refuse.

Be Transparent from the Start

Because the available talent is in short supply, companies might find themselves treating the job search differently than years past. In many ways it’s not only ‘what can the candidate do for us’ and more ‘what can we do for them?’

“For one, in an offer you need to have the details [benefits, health insurance, etc.],” Werner says. “People want as many details in an offer as they can possibly get. Whether it’s health insurance info or letting them know about health and fitness allowances, for example.”

In addition, long timelines in the hiring process typically don’t work in today’s world. The days of a four-to-six-month long process could be over, or at least look drastically different than before.

“One of the biggest reasons I see [people turn down offers] is that after they’ve been through an interview with their hiring manager, the communication through that process from the organization and how that relationship evolves says an awful lot to the individual about what life is like working for that company,” says Simon Leich, managing director at Global Executive Search. “Having clarity and focus around a process is absolutely critical if you want someone to choose you at the end of the day.”

Don’t leave someone hanging. Describe in better detail what the process looks like, what the timelines are and what the candidate can expect from you.

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