INSIDERSEuroseeds 2021 – Here We GROW Again!

Euroseeds 2021 – Here We GROW Again!


Last year I wrote about how we were unable to meet in person due to the pandemic that still affects us all.

The world had shut down and we were all virtually meeting, sitting at home in front of our computers, dealing with the daily challenges of digital transformation. We all heard the jokes about the most spoken words online: “Can you hear me?”, “You’re on mute”, “I need to jump to another call”, the list goes on…

Well, things seem to be changing! Live events with audiences have returned. One of those events is Euroseeds 2021 in Prague, and yes, Corteva will be there, with its full SAT Team, as the proud platinum sponsor.

Now, we always announce our actions and our presence as something special, and let’s be honest, it’s always a pleasure and a special moment to meet with our partners. But this year, we have a few treats that will make it a fun and outstanding experience, and let me tell you why…

Just before you enter the exhibition hall you will start seeing Corteva’s massive presence with a Globe that contains an Augmented Reality game. Here you will have a fun and engaging experience that will allow you to learn what Corteva is doing from a sustainability standpoint – Don’t miss the journey!

As you enter the hall you will see Corteva’s booth on the right side. I’m sure that the first thing you will notice is the green carpet and the 3 holes on the floor… minigolf you say? Well yes, and why not? Come and play and test your skills while winning nice prizes in the process. In the meantime, you will also learn the benefits of four of our great products: Ympact Growth Nutrition Seed Treatment for cereals, Lumidapt Growth Nutrition Seed Treatment + Lumiposa Insecticide Seed Treatment for Corn and Lumidapt + Lumisena Fungicide Seed Treatment for sunflower.

While you play and victoriously conquer the different stages, you will watch short animation movies that show how Ympact helps cereals grow strong roots and stems and cope with early-stage stress, and how Lumiposa will help your corn seeds and seedlings keep those wireworms and cutworms at bay.

You will have this and much more, but… most importantly… we will be able to MEET you in person and shake your hand, or bump elbows or just look each other in the eyes and say “hello” and engage in a nice f2f conversation, and trust me when I say that all of us at the SAT team sure miss those…

We are really looking forward to seeing you there!