In the most recent season of Seed Speaks hosts and experts took a deep dive into “Science Under Fire.” The group examined topics and practices critical to advancing the seed industry that are controversial among consumers for one reason or another. Topics included: GMO regulations, novel genomic techniques, pesticides and seed treatments in ag.

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Take a look at the curated list of must-see episodes for the European seed industry below.

European Parliament Votes to Adopt Farm to Fork

In late October, an overwhelming majority of the European Parliament voted in favour of adopting the Farm to Fork strategy. The move kicks off a domino-effect on farmers, agricultural companies and, ultimately, consumers.

Flipping the Thinking on Going “Green” in Ag

For decades farmers and others working in agriculture have worked hard to implement practices to make their farms more sustainable and produce larger crops. And while those practices may have reduced inputs and made them “greener”, agriculture still receives a lot of judgement when it comes to its carbon emissions.

Label or Libel: What Do GMO Labels Really Do?

It’s the eve of mandatory GMO labeling in the U.S. As of the start of 2022, manufacturers will be required to label products containing GMOs with a label stating they’re bioengineered.