INSIDERSCSAT – We Develop the Seed Treatments You Need!

CSAT – We Develop the Seed Treatments You Need!


12-14th of April 2022 will be remembered as the dates when Corteva’s CSAT was inaugurated in Aussonne, France, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We knew it was necessary to build such a centre in Europe (after U.S. and Brazil) because of the significantly large EMEA seed treatment market. At the same time, we are facing difficulties with seed treatment restrictions on the continent, so it is important to have an Expertise Center to find new solutions for our customers. Those customers will be supported with different services, that will bring value to their business and more flexibility for the day-to-day challenges!

We will be carrying out a variety of activities at the new centre, but we can’t say that we have a standard set of services. This is because we are ready to customize our services in such a way that it will bring value to our customers. We must add that some of those tasks are mandatory to make sure that in the end the quality of seeds is perfect for planting, but also for the internal handling and for the entire seed chain.

CSAT is a tool from the Seed Applied Technologies (SAT) business within Corteva, that was created to support internal customers (such as Pioneer and Brevant seeds) but also to support external customers (our SAT customers). In due time, we also plan to work with official organizations, regulatory teams, centres of research and universities, because we understand that there is a huge value when we share and build knowledge together.

But it doesn’t stop there. Also, the general audience can visit the CSAT centre! If you are interested in seeds, seed applied products, technology, quality, and sustainability you are the right person to visit CSAT!

We have several types of programs for visitors, such as a short visit with a quick tour around the site or a program that takes several hours up to several days, with different subjects and people involved from different areas.

If you would like to do a specific workshop with your technical team, we can build the plan together and we will  give focus to your main needs, showing all the technologies that we have in the seed treatment area and our top of the line in quality assessment and equipment. On the other hand, if you are interested in Business and Marketing related to SAT, we can invite other colleagues to meet with your group and make the link with the CSAT scope, if so desired.

Are you interested in regulatory subjects, stewardship or the efficacy of our SAT products? Just tell us what you need, who are the people that you would like to bring, and we customize your visit.

And finally, this centre is also there for you to attend with your customers, distributors, farmers, etc. Learn more at: