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Win the Start!


When you lay a seed on the ground you expect it to develop into a plant and depending on that plant and the number of seeds, you might get a full field that will provide you with a bountiful crop and a great yield. But… that initial stage of the crop is the most crucial one.

The seeds and the seedlings are at their most vulnerable stage and nature can be relentless and challenging. That is why you need the best protection, so that you can win (right from) the start, laying down the path to what can eventually become a successful harvest and profit. Corteva’s Seed Treatments provide this needed protection. But… you already know this, right? So why am I mentioning it again? Because in a year where we will have the FIFA World Cup, we would like to celebrate, with you, at Euroseeds, one of the best examples where the heavy investment at the START, can clearly compensate. It is necessary, for any successful high competition athlete, to start its training and its efforts early in his life. Perhaps we can call it a self-development of fate – The more you train, the bigger the chances of a successful career, and the more you protect your seeds and your seedlings, the bigger chances of a successful yield.

At the Euroseeds congress, you can experience exactly this, either by browsing through our virtual catalogues or speaking with our expert team members that will be able to answer all your questions.

But where does football fit in all of this? Well, let’s just say that we will not have the Macaranã stadium fitted in our booth, but it will be… close. And it will give you, our visitor, the opportunity to test your football skills, your aim, and to learn about our products, either the highly successful Insecticide Seed Treatments such as Lumiposa for oilseed rape or corn, or our Fungicide Seed Treatments such as Lumisena for sunflower, but also our new Insecticide Seed Treatment products such as Artemide, Ibriditrin or Thrintoba.

In the end, your football skills will be compensated with a few prizes or perhaps, who knows if you will win the Euroseeds 2022 Corteva Football Challenge.

Looking forward to seeing you there and talk to you about how you and your crops can Win The Start!