European Agri-Food Chain Addresses Commissioners on Sustainability Plan


Thirty-one organizations have come together to represent the European agri-food chain and have announced their support for the Farm to Fork Strategy’s goal according to a release. The goal is to work toward more sustainable food systems and called for collaboration from the European Commission to establish the Framework for Sustainable Food Systems (FSFS).

The organizations wrote a letter to the Commissioners highlighting how important “a holistic, coordinated, harmonized, inclusive, and science-based policy” is to achieve sustainability goals according to the release. The organizations also asked for a clear definition of sustainability and regulation that aligns with existing legislation.

The letter stressed the importance of cohesive policy and a review of costs. Stress was placed on how important it is for a multi-stakeholder cooperation approach. The organizations requested a meeting with the Commissioners to discuss the points mentioned in the letter to work towards a sustainable food system.

European agri-food chain letter on a Framework for Sustainable Food Systems