FMC Corporation and Syngenta Announce Breakthrough Weed Control Technology


FMC Corporation and Syngenta announced their collaboration to bring a new weed control technology to markets according to a release. The technology is specifically to control grass weeds in rice in Asia. The new active ingredient — tetflupyrolimet — was developed by FMC with help from Syngenta to help farmers facing the challenge herbicide-resistant weeds. This will offer a solution since this is a major herbicide with a novel mode of action (DHODH – HRAC Group 28).

FMC and Syngenta will both have tetflupyrolimet-based products in Asian rice markets. FMC has plans to register and commercialize tetflupyrolimet and tetflupyrolimet formulations for rice markets throughout Asia. Syngenta has plans to register and commercialize products for the Chinese rice market and mixtures for the Indian, Vietnamize, Indonesian, Japanese and South Korean markets. A compound product from Syngenta will also be available for rice markets in Bandladesh.

In addition, FMC has plans to register and commercialize tetflupyrolimet and tetflupyrolimet formulations for both rice and additional crops worldwide.

“Tetflupyrolimet is a transformative herbicide that provides season-long control of important grass weeds with just one application in the growing season,” said Diane Allemang, FMC executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “Due to its new mode of action, tetflupyrolimet has no known cross-resistance and will provide millions of growers around the world with a critical weed management that transforms grass weed control tool. It provides outstanding residual control with very low dose rates and an exceptional sustainability profile.”

Tetflupyrolimet will help to increase product yield and quality in rice. The product will control grass weeds. The product can be appled in traditional transplanted rice and direct-seeded rice.

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