INSIDERSBiostimulantHow One Company is Collaborating to Unlock the Potential of Biostimulants

How One Company is Collaborating to Unlock the Potential of Biostimulants


As we celebrate the third anniversary of the Acadian Open Academy, I’m thrilled to share the journey that has reinvigorated our approach to innovation and collaboration. This endeavor has been a dynamic process of growth and discovery.

The academy’s beginnings were rooted in the quest for feedback on new product concepts and the pursuit of like-minded collaborators. As our biostimulant products become more widely used, it’s key to understand how we can make them even better and more effectively harness the power of seaweed extract to fuel plant growth.

Fast-forward to today, and we’ve hit the next phase: a deeper exploration of our researchers’ expertise, harnessing their knowledge to unravel the intricate workings of our new products.

From Humble Beginnings: The Acadian Open Academy was founded in September 2020 with the vision to bring researchers together for face-to-face collaboration. However, the pandemic had other plans, pushing us into the virtual realm. We rallied our forces, assembling experts in various fields for impactful sessions that fueled innovation.

A Symbiotic Bond: Our collaboration isn’t a one-way street. We seek partners who can enrich our technological capabilities while benefiting from the insights we bring to the table. This reciprocity is essential, ensuring a thriving ecosystem of ideas and knowledge exchange.

Growing the Network: Over the past three years, we’ve expanded beyond academia, welcoming diverse players to the Acadian Open Academy family. Partnerships now include companies like KeyGene, integral in unveiling the molecular mysteries of our products. This evolution has diversified our perspectives and propelled our understanding forward.

Looking Ahead: As we venture into the fourth year, the significance of this venture becomes even clearer. Understanding our products at a molecular level is becoming paramount. Our ongoing projects with KeyGene illustrate the next steps—exploring dose-response relationships and delving into the synergy between active ingredients.

Seeds of Future Collaboration: We anticipate that our network will continue to grow, strengthening relationships, enhancing communication, and advancing not only our products but the broader realm of agricultural science.

In the biostimulant realm, partnerships aren’t just about funding or transactions. They’re about co-creation, shared insights, and mutual growth. We’re excited about the potential that lies ahead as we nurture the relationships developed through the Acadian Open Academy, unlocking new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of agricultural innovation.

We’re always looking to expand the family, and welcome inquiries from those who want to get involved and become a part of the revolution in biostimulants. For more info visit our website and learn how to get involved.

Holly Little, Research and Development Manager, Acadian Plant Health
Holly Little, Research and Development Manager, Acadian Plant Health
Holly has a PhD in plant biology from the University of California, Davis. Her research there has led her to a career that has allowed her to bring new biological tools to growers around the world.