INSIDERSWhac-a-Mole in Malta

Whac-a-Mole in Malta


2023 is speeding up into its final quarter and this means we are getting close to the Euroseeds event, and Corteva’s Seed Applied Technologies (SAT) is very excited to once more be the main sponsor. But that’s not the only reason why we are excited. There’s a lot happening in the SAT camp…

First of all, we have a change in the Team leadership: After successfully leading the team for five years, André Negreiros has moved into a new role and Leonardo Costa is taking the lead of Corteva’s EMEA Seed Applied Technologies business.

Leo has an extensive experience in seed treatment, across different regions and in the past few years he was leading Corteva’s internal seed treatment business. Now he is expanding his role, driving SAT to expand its success story, alongside the full SAT team, our partners, and stakeholders.

As we speak of expansion, we should mention that our portfolio is growing: we are launching a new bird repellent seed treatment — Ecovelex — an effective and sustainable seed treatment that will avoid birds from eating your corn seeds, either through taste or smell without causing them any harm. Trials show the efficacy of Ecovelex — Who needs scarecrows, right?

But, speaking of scarecrows, when stopping by our booth you can take a selfie with our Ecovelex scarecrow who will be having, after a long time, a well-deserved rest. Also, don’t be surprised to see him around Malta, doing some sight-seeing. We’re sure you will catch him in our social media channels.

You can also take the chance of winning a nice prize by “whacking a worm”. And why would you whack a worm? Well, because that is what Lumiposa Seed Treatment for corn does. It keeps wireworms and cutworms at bay during the most vulnerable growth stages of the crop, until the fourth leaf stage. And we are now celebrating its official launch by having a “Whac-a-Mole” game at our booth, ensuring participants will have the opportunity to spend a good time, release some stress, get a prize, learn more about Lumiposa, and, who knows… perhaps win a trip to see the Olympic games in France, as well as a guided tour to our CSAT facilities.

So please accept our invitation to visit our booth, interact with our team, have fun, and learn a bit more about how Seed Applied Technologies are helping farmers secure their future!