INSIDERSBiostimulantFor our Company, Sustainability isn’t a Buzzword

For our Company, Sustainability isn’t a Buzzword


My journey into the realm of biostimulants marked a profound transformation in my professional trajectory. It represented a shift away from my previous roles in the synthetic chemistry industry, where I grappled with the intricate challenges of managing public relations in the context of potentially hazardous products.

When I found myself at Acadian Plant Health, I was truly at home in a company that’s not just about talking sustainability, but about living it.

Sustainability is not merely a buzzword; it’s woven into the very fabric of our corporate identity. It’s the driving force behind our actions and decisions, particularly when it comes to our stewardship of the invaluable seaweed resource that our biostimulants are built on.

We regard this resource with deep reverence, recognizing its pivotal role in our mission. While our technology seamlessly marries sustainability and performance, we make a deliberate effort to treat them as distinct and equally important components of our approach.

Measuring the success of sustainability initiatives can be a daunting challenge for many organizations. However, for Acadian, this process is more natural. Our business is inherently built upon sustainability, and the effectiveness of our sustainability policies directly influences our business success. So how do we put sustainability into actual practice?

  • We have established a dedicated global resource management team, entrusted with the vital task of overseeing our seaweed sites. Each year, we personally visit hundreds of these sites, meticulously collecting hundreds of thousands of measurements of seaweed biomass. Our primary focus is on Ascophyllum nodosum, the cornerstone of our biostimulant products.
  • We’ve invested significantly in ecological and marine science to ensure that our practices align with the highest standards of sustainability. This dedication reflects the core values of our company and underscores our commitment to living out our sustainability promises.
  • Our technology, in addition to being innovative, plays a pivotal role in fostering sustainable agriculture. The more we sell, the more agriculture benefits. Yet, we are acutely aware of the finite nature of the seaweed resource and the need to balance it with market demand. We remain vigilant, ensuring that we do not overextend at the expense of the environment.
  • Our relationships with the communities where we harvest seaweed are of paramount importance. We provide economic support to these communities through employment opportunities, recognizing their vital role in our sustainability program. Their active engagement and understanding of the positive impact we bring are crucial. When misconceptions or concerns arise, we proactively address them through effective communication.

At Acadian Plant Health, we don’t just talk sustainability; it’s a part of everything we do. It has to be, as our success depends on being sustainable every step of the way.