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With tailored, seed-focused content, European Seed offers specialised media that will provide unparalleled value to the industry. Our content is comprised of far more than just articles: it’s a total package that fuses current issues with compelling analysis, in addition to an array of digital offerings that take our audience to the heart of the stories that matter. Both the seed industry and world of communications are changing at a rapid pace, and that’s why European Seed is committed to being a multifaceted media platform: web, magazine, mobile and video provide multiple channels through which to consume practical information, ideas and solutions that matter to your business.

Marcel Bruins

With strong numbers for domestic markets, seed imports and international seed exports, Europe’s seed industry is thriving.

From the Editor

An exceptionally warm welcome to the very first issue of European Seed, the brand new magazine for the European seed sector. I have the honour and privilege of serving as its editorial director. It is with much joy and anticipation that we’re offering you this exciting publication.

Why a European seed magazine, you might ask? Population-wise, Europe is not the biggest continent, and as such its domestic market for seed is certainly not the largest globally. With the combined domestic markets of the EU countries reaching a little over 7.2 billion, it ranks in third place, behind Asia with close to 12.4 bn, and North America with a little over 10.8 bn. 

However, once we start looking at the international seed trade, we start seeing a completely different picture. Europe imports close to 3.6 bn on seeds, which is more than double the amount of Asia, which sits at No. 2 with 1.7 bn and North America with 1.5 bn. The picture is even clearer when we look at the export of seeds, with Europe leading the pack with a value of a whopping 4.9 bn, almost triple the amount of North America, which ranks second with 2.1 bn (ISF data). So the seed trade in Europe is vibrant, to say the least. There is no other continent where so much seed is traded.

Seed trade powerhouses like France, The Netherlands and Germany have been leading the way for many other countries outside Europe, and receive a large number of visitors annually who want to learn the business from the best. The European seed industry provides direct jobs to over 50 000 people, and spends an estimated 1 bn R&D alone.

On the flip side, the continent faces regulatory challenges like no other. One needs only to mention the biotech debate or the recent ban on neonics for you to know what I mean. One might wonder, are the regulatory developments in the EU an example for others, or something that should be avoided at all costs? I would bet we can find supporters of both camps easily. In any case, the European seed industry is certainly worth our attention, and we’ll do our best to provide you — the reader — with timely business-critical  and seed-focused content.

“Europe imports close to € 3.6 bn on seeds, which is more than double the amount of Asia…”

We’re immediately starting off with some great stories about intellectual property and the neonics saga. In European Seed we’ll also be spotlighting individuals and organizations in the private and public sector that have an impact on the whole seed environment, whether it’s their innovation in certain crops or to hear their opinion on a topic shaping the industry. But as no country or continent can stand alone in its seed provisions, we’re not limiting the content to Europe alone. We’ll be looking beyond our borders in each issue to share with you what’s happening abroad. We’ll also be highlighting regulatory news and have a lot of other interesting and informative material relevant to your business.

And it doesn’t stop there. As you read this issue you can also visit European-Seed.com to find the magazine online with supporting content, video and much more. Want even more? Stay connected with European Seed via Twitter and Facebook to receive the latest information and seed insights.

Enough said! Enjoy the first issue, and do let us know what you think of it.

Marcel Bruins
editorial director, European Seed


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