Changes in Agriculture Could Cut Sector Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions by up to 50 Percent

December 31,2018

Research    |   sustainability   

The agricultural sector is the world's largest source of non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, and IIASA-led research has found that changing agricultural practices and a shift in diet away from meat...

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UK: Ban on the Outdoor Use Of Metaldehyde in 2020

December 27,2018

Policy    |   UK   

A ban on the outdoor use of metaldehyde, a pesticide used to control slugs in a range of crops and in gardens, is to be introduced across Great Britain from...

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Sustainable Bananas In Greenhouses: First ‘Dutch Bananas’ Harvested

December 26,2018

Banana    |   Crops   

Researchers from Wageningen University & Research harvested the first Dutch bananas in early December. Boerenhart, a supplier of fresh and local products will offer the bananas as 'regional product' to...

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Time For Growers To Take A Closer Look At Their Soils

December 24,2018


The AHDB GREATsoils programme has been signposted as a vital resource and tool for growers as part of two new soil qualifications from BASIS, the independent standards setting and auditing...

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Will Digital Technologies Allow A Better Seed User Experience?

December 21,2018

Corn, Sorghum & Oilseeds    |   INSIDERS   

It’s a quite common promise from all brands to declare that the daily experience for customers will be improved thanks to the digital technology. On the other hand, in some case...

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Warmer Winters Threaten UK Blackcurrant Farming

December 21,2018

Blackcurrants    |   Crops    |   UK   

Warmer winters may not provide sufficient chilling for blackcurrants in the UK, delaying the start of the growing season and resulting in reduced yields and lower fruit quality, researchers have...

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New Elite Barley Could Be A Budding Success

December 19,2018

Barley    |   Research   

New gene combinations in barley could prove a budding success for breeders and brewers across the world, according to a new study by plant scientists at the University of Dundee...

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Plants As Antifungal Factories

December 18,2018

Disease    |   Research   

The results of this research published in the Plant Biotechnology Journal could impact the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries Researchers from the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) at the Centre for Research in...

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European Recognition For Talented Early-Career Researcher

December 17,2018

Leadership    |   Technology   

John Innes Centre researcher Dr Xiaoqi Feng today receives a prestigious award reserved for Europe’s most promising young researchers. Dr Feng is one of 26 Young Investigators named by the European...

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A New Sweet Potato Variety has Arrived on the Market

December 16,2018

Research    |   Sweet Potato    |   Vol. 5 Issue 4   

Sweet potato has its centre of origin in the tropical regions of the Americas but is now mainly produced in Africa. According to FAO data, after China, most production takes...

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Can Seed Industry Play A Key Role In Changing The Future Of West Africa?

December 15,2018

Giant Views    |   Vol. 5 Issue 4   

Definitively yes! And immediately, having full conscience that this is operating in a system where crop failure is not just an economic problem for a farmer, but a life-threatening issue. The...

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Glyphosate on Trial

December 14,2018

Column    |   Research    |   Vol. 5 Issue 4   

In a decision that made headlines around the world, a California jury awarded $289 million dollars, a stunning amount, to a former groundskeeper for a California school district who claims...

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Can Rice Filter Water From Ag Fields?

December 10,2018

Rice    |   Water   

Rice is a staple food crop of 20 percent of the world's population. It's also grown on every continent except Antarctica. While it's an important part of our diets, new research...

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Revitalizing Seed Morphology

December 10,2018

Breeding Techniques    |   Technology    |   Vol. 5 Issue 4   

For years, there has been a shrinking level of expertise in the area of seed morphology. According to Germany’s Wolfgang Stuppy, scientific curator for the Botanic Garden at Ruhr-University Bochum,...

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Increasing Crop Insurances Adoption In Developing Countries

December 07,2018

Business    |   Crops   

Farmers in developing countries often rely heavily on their yearly harvest to feed their families. A bad crop can have severe consequences for their livelihood. Despite the significant advantages crop...

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Run For Cover: Cropping Up Better Soil

December 07,2018

Column    |   Soil    |   sustainability    |   Vol. 5 Issue 4   

There’s a revolution going on in the ground below us. A growing group of passionate farmers have been experimenting with complex combinations of cover crops seed species which may have...

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Uganda Parliament Passes GMO Bill

December 06,2018

GMO    |   Policy   

The Parliament of the Republic of Uganda finally passed the Bill designed to provide a regulatory framework for the safe development and application of biotechnology in the country. The Bill, formerly...

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Five Tips For Event Networking (Or, What I Learned In Manila)

December 05,2018

Content Marketing    |   INSIDERS   

I recently had the honour of attending the 25th annual Asia and Pacific Seed Association (APSA) Asian Seed Congress in Manila, Philippines. APSA is the world’s largest regional association, with...

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Ever Heard of Purple Tea?

December 05,2018

Africa    |   Plant Breeding    |   Tea    |   Vol. 5 Issue 4   

Tea plants are native to East Asia, and probably originated in the borderlands of north Burma and southwestern China. By annual per capita consumption of tea, the countries with the...

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New EU Agricultural Policy Brings New Risks

December 04,2018

EU    |   Policy   

Under the new European agricultural policy, all Member States will have to draft their own plans to achieve the EU objectives. According to experts, including experts at Wageningen University &...

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