Aiden Brook

After completing his bachelor degree at Valley City State University and travelling internationally to play professional baseball, Aiden joined the Seed World Group team. Focused on delivering client centric solutions as part of the CREATE division, Aiden employs his knowledge, integrity and work ethic to connect customers with unique ways to tackled their problems. He is always ready for something new and well equipped to overcome each challenge the Seed World team and their clients encounter. Aiden’s fresh approach and viewpoints benefit the Seed World Group team because integrity never goes out of style.

The Power of Process

As the old saying goes, when you assume you make an ‘ass’ our of ‘u’ and ‘me’. So, with that in mind, ask yourself these...

How You Talk to Your Audience Vs How Your Audience Talks About You

Marketing is how you talk to your audience while the brand you create determines “how” or “if” your audience talks about you. If your...