Nilceli Fernandes

Lead - Seed Applied Technologies Center, France, Corteva - Nilceli Fernandes, biologist, with master’s degree in plant pathology and epidemiology, specializing in crop protection joined Corteva in 2019 to lead the Seed Applied Technologies Center in France. Nilceli has over 19 years of agribusiness experience in technical roles and support for customers services in Brazil. Her expertise will support Corteva's team across Europe for Seed Applied Technology testing, development, and commercialization of seed applied products to both internal and external customers.

Providing Expertise on Seed Enhancement

European Seed (ES): Nilceli, your company is building a new centre for seed applied technologies (CSAT). Why in Europe? Nilceli Fernandes (NF): This will...

New Service, Technology and Relationship Approach to Europe

Agriculture is changing, farmers have sought profitability and are interested in technologies that can meet their challenges. They are looking for seeds with good...