Patrice Server

Director of Operations, Euralis - After obtaining an engineering degree in Industrial Process Engineering, Patrice joined Ford as a quality engineer and methods. In 2001, he evolved as a production manager and then a quality manager in one of Ford's factories. Afterward, he joined the equipment supplier Getrag, a German family business of 5,000 employees. He then joined the management team as QHSE Director Group based in Cologne, and Patrice was also responsible for product quality. Following this position, he managed the production of a factory in Germany and then he was manager of the French subsidiary in Bordeaux region. In 2013, Getrag entrusted him with the management of a business line with the responsibility of developing a new gearbox in various subsidiaries (Brazil, China, France and India). Then, he held the position of Director of Operations at Getrag, responsible for five factories. He was the guarantor of operational activities, industrial strategy and continuous improvement (lean manufacturing). In early 2019, Patrice Server was seduced by the position of Director of Operations within Euralis Seeds.

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