Tobias Dittmann

Tobias Dittmann holds a master’s degree in Agriculture with focus on Plant Production Systems from the University of Hohenheim. After his graduation from university, he worked at BASF as project manager for the Clearfield Production System in Oilseed Rape. In 2014 he joined KWS and was responsible for the Agroservice activities and customer consultancy in sugarbeet within the middle east. After moving to the KWS Oilseed Rape Devision in 2019, he made an important contribution to its success, first as sales and marketing manager and since 2021 as Head of the Oilseed Rape Department.

The Future Only Works Together: Bringing Less Input and More Outcome Together

Drought, heat stress and changing growing conditions are taking their toll on farming with increasing numbers of agricultural pests and diseases. At the same...