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48 I EUROPEAN SEED I EUROPEAN-SEED.COM SPOTLIGHT ITALY The value of the internal Italian seed market at the wholesale level and excluding seed treatment costs can be set at around 685 million Euro. ITALIAN DOMESTIC MARKET VALUE IN 2014 ASSOSEMENTI ESTIMATION The Italian seed exchange balance is constantly passive in 2014 for around 100 million. Looking at the ISTAT trade statistics the seed imports in Italy can be estimated at 360 million in value and seed export at 255 million. IMPORTS IN 2014 ISTAT DATA EXPORTS IN 2014 ISTAT DATA DOMESTIC SEED MARKET AND IMPORT-EXPORTS VISIT US ONLINE With tailored seed-focused content European Seed will offer specialised media that will provide unparalleled value to the industry our readers and our advertisers. Both the seed industry and world of communications are changing at a rapid pace and thats why European Seed is committed to being a multifaceted media platform web magazine mobile and video provide multiple channels through which to consume practical information ideas and solutions that matter to your business. Official field inspections and seed certification controls are referred in Italy to the CRA Agricultural Research Council. At the moment we are assisting with the merger of CRA within INEA in a new body named CREA. Italy is carrying out seed sampling and testing for certification under official control. However the level of participation is not high in 2014 only 39 companies out of 220 made use of some form of accreditation for field inspection a percentage of around 21 per cent of the total surface. The number of enabled company laboratories was 19. EXPO MILAN 2015 AND SEEDS From May 1 to October 31 2015 the city of Milan is hosting the Universal Exhibition EXPO Milano 2015 with a core theme very interesting and current Feeding the Planet Energy for Life. More than 140 participating countries the EU Commission included are presenting in their national pavilions technical solutions and ideas on how to meet the epochal challenges for humanity ensuring enough healthy food while respecting nature and sustainability and avoiding injustices bringing out Milan as the world capital of food and water. In reality EXPO Milan 2015 is looking mainly to be a large exhibition fair devoted to food where to see and experience different products and cuisine cultures. Many meetings and discussions of different organizations are organised every day however without being sharp. We have tried as Assosementi to get involved in some initiatives related to seed activity internally in EXPO as well as externally but we have waived due to the high costs and efforts requested. Only a few pavilions for instance the Padiglione Zero that narrates the history of food as the history of human beings have expressed a message consistent with the core theme of the exhibition. Themes like plant breeding access to genetic resources economic and social sustainability of research have rarely been discussed. In addition the Milan Charter that all visitors are invited to sign and would represent the legacy of EXPO Milan 2015 is a mass of generic statements without any concrete and operational suggestions. EUROPEAN-SEED.COM