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EUROPEAN-SEED.COM I EUROPEAN SEED I 55 vars with considerable genetic potential and the use of Soyvance Pr a broad-spectrum herbicide for controlling large leaf and grass weeds thereby creating a new production system. Starting in 2016 new culti- vars should be launched that will expand cultivation areas to meet the demand of farmers who would like to use the new system to manage weeds. The two companies invested US33 million into developing the system including along with the herbicide genetic improvement scientific studies conducted in laboratories to confirm food safety of the new soybean and field studies to support the worldwide registration pro- cess. BASF and Embrapa submitted all the risk analyses required under Brazilian law for the deregulation of Cultivance soybeans to the National Technical Commission for Biosafety CTNBio in January 2009. After an analysis and review period CTNBio released Cultivance soybeans for marketing in December 2009 stating that their use did not constitute a risk to human or animal health or to the environment. Since that time the approval process for the technology has been ongoing in Brazilian soy importing regions including the United States China Japan and the European Union. KENYAN FARMERS SUPPORT GOVERNMENT TO LIFT BAN ON BIOTECH CROPS Farmers from south and north Rift counties of Kenya have voiced their support for the governments plan to lift the ban on GM food importa- tion. We ask the government to fast-track the lifting of the ban and make the technology available for us as this will lead to job creation for our young people they said. Kericho County Governor and professor Paul Chepkwony said This county is ready to embrace agri-biotech- nology and urged for more sensitization activities to ensure that farmers can make informed choices. Africa is faced with a lot of challenges to food security and genetic engineering is a sure way out for them. SCIENTISTS ASK FOR DEREGULATION OF BT EGGPLANT IN INDIA Researchers from Ghent University in Belgium and Chaudhary Charan Singh University in India have published an article in Nature Biotechnology making a case for a return to science-based regula- tion of GM crops and a concerted effort to counter the misinfor- mation widely promulgated by activists intent on demonizing GM crops. The researchers note the far-reaching repercussions that the moratorium on Bt Brinjal has had on the use of GM crops in India. The article features the difficult conditions under which Bt eggplant Bt brinjal was developed and field tested indigenously encoun- tered several regulatory roadblocks culminating in a moratorium on its commercial use by the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests on February 9 2010. GM FOODS IN CHINA SAFE ACCORDING TO MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE The Ministry of Agriculture of China has issued a statement saying that all certified genetically modified foods that are sold on the Chinese market are safe. China has established a safety supervi- sion system that covers the complete chain of GM products includ- ing research production and trading according to the ministry. The ministry has stated that it will work with other departments to improve legislation of GM products and their testing technologies to ensure their safety. Internationally there is a conclusion on the safety of GM foods that is that all GM foods that have passed safety evaluation and been certified are safe the ministry said. The con- clusion by the World Health Organization is that no health damage has been seen in any people worldwide who have consumed GM foods that have been approved by authorities. Celebrate Pulse Feast on January 6 2016 by holding an event featuring beans chickpeas lentils peas or other pulses. Learn more at Follow us LovePulses LovePulses PulseFeast Pulses 2016