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EUROPEAN-SEED.COM I EUROPEAN SEED I 59 We share Johans ambition to surprise consumers time after time Johan Solleveld comes from a tomato-growing family and has been involved in variety development at Rijk Zwaan for over 30years. Thanks to his extensive experience and to the fact that he really speaks the growers language heknows exactly what to look out for when selecting new tomatoes. Over the years Johan has gained an ever-greater appreciation of the tomatos versatility and potential. He knows that nature can sometimes have surprises in store and how important it is to remain open to the resulting opportunities. In close collaboration both with colleagues and customers he strives to make a valuable contribution to creating tasty new products every day. It is Johans ambition to surprise consumers time after time. Rijk Zwaan a global specialist in vegetable breeding - shares this ambition. We are working together towards a healthy future. Learn more at 442262RZW_adv_Johan_181x129.indd 1 10-09-15 0754 suppliers throughout the region and ensure that we fulfill the growth potential of our newly combined company. The new facility will bring together employees who currently work at sites throughout Europe and the U.S. including employees in research sales mar- keting regional management finance supply chain human resources and related functions. Keygene N.V. and Floragenex Inc. have entered into an extended license agreement around KeyGenes Sequence Based Genotyping SBG technology. The agreement enables Floragenex to extend its SBG service offerings to include ddRAD-Seq in non-commercial and academic research across all species. The agreement further cements KeyGenes SBG technology licensing portfolio and advances Floragenexs position as a services leader in fractional genomic sequencing applications. Floragenex expertise professionalism and impressive track record with RAD-Seq across a wide range of genomes logically fit with a broader portfolio of SBG service offerings. This will accelerate the understanding of genetic variation in plants animals and other organ- isms in a highly cost-efficient manner said Michiel van Eijk CSO of KeyGene. Michigans Neogen Corporation has acquired the stock of United Kingdom-based Lab M Holdings a developer manufacturer and supplier of microbiological culture media and diagnostic systems. The combination of Lab Ms quality products with our Acumedia product line will make Neogen a leading global company in the traditional microbiol- ogy market as well as give us new tools we can incorporate into our food safety diag- nostics to enhance our products says James Herbert Neogens CEO and chairman. Lab M is headquartered in an accredited facility in Heywood England near Manchester. Neogen will maintain Lab Ms current facility and its operations will be managed by Neogens Scotland-based Neogen Europe subsidiary. Norwich Research Park has officially wel- comed one of the worlds leading independent seed technology businesses Germains Seed Technology to their brand new state-of-the- art laboratory. The laboratory accommodates senior members of Germains Research and Development team with a strategic focus on the science of seed priming and crop devel- opment. We are delighted Germains Seed Technology has chosen Norwich Research Park as a location to further research seed priming and crop development. This rein- forces our global position in creating a unique cluster of business and research organisations with world-leading science credentials said Sally Ann Forsyth chief executive officer at Norwich Research Park. INDUSTRY NEWS T he I nter n at ion a l Seed Test i n g Association ISTA welcomes its first industry members Dow AgroSciences and DuPont Pioneer. To better facilitate commu- nication between the seed testing industry and the producers and distributors of seed ISTA recently began offering an Industry Membership option says ISTA secretary general Beni Kaufman. ISTAs mission is to bring uniformity in seed testing. The category of Industry Member aims to further engage the seed industry streamline communication and in the process expand the associations activities. It is an honour to see that two of the main pillars of the seed industry are committed to support the association says Kaufman. At DuPont Pioneer we see this new membership category as an opportu- nity to move international seed trade testing toward standardisation whether physiolog- ical genetic and trait purity or physical prop- erties which is important to maintain the