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10 I EUROPEAN SEED I EUROPEAN-SEED.COM ho is the EU Food and Feed Chain coalition Perhaps a more suitable question would be why the EU Food and Feed Chain FFC coalition In short this group of EU stakeholders teamed up as a result of the rapid developments in the area of regulation and use of modern biotechnology both in general and in terms of specific genetic modification in plant breeding seed production farming and food and feed use. The members of the FFC coalition work together to address the specificities of the use of these technologies in light of the distinct national or regional regulatory approaches in several parts of the world which have a unique and unprecedented impact on the EU agri-food chain. In this sense the EU FFC coalition represents different parts of the food and feed chain whose members are directly impacted by EU policies related to Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs. The FFC coalition gathers EU stakeholders involved in seed production and farming and trade and downstream use of agricultural commodities By Blanca Salas Ferrer and rice to elaborate practical non-discriminatory and science-based proposals with a view to minimise existing and potential future impacts on cultivation and trade as well as to ensure legal certainty and the freedom to operate for all industries concerned. In particular the FFC coalition brings together 14 organisations notably the Association of Poultry Processors and Poultry Trade in the EU European Association of Cereals Rice Feedstuffs Oilseeds Olive Oil Oils and Fats and Agrosupply Trade COCERAL Copa and Cogeca European Seed Association EuropaBio European Flour Millers European Vegetable Protein Association the federation representing the European Vegetable Oil and Proteinmeal Industry FEDIOL European Feed Manufacturers Federation FEFAC Federation of European Rice Millers FoodDrinkEurope Starch Europe European Livestock and Meat Trading Union and Unistock Europe. Throughout its busy years of existence the FFC has been active on a number of fronts. Today one of the most challenging questions on the FIGURE 1. EU food and feed supply chain. THE EUROPEAN COMMISSIONS GM OPT-OUT PROPOSAL Members of the EU FFC coalition share an inside view.