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EUROPEAN-SEED.COM I EUROPEAN SEED I 37 grams of agribusiness companies and the public sector. The format includes interactive delivery with lectures and problem solving. For addi- tional information please contact Sally Mohr at sjmohrucdavis.eduor at 530-752-5775 or visit httpsbc.ucdavis.eduCoursesProgram_ Management_for_Plant_Breeders. A Cornell-led international team of researchers has launched a set of open-access genomic resources that will greatly accelerate the abil- ity of geneticists and breeders to link genes to important traits in rice. This publicly available research platformincluding seeds of diverse rice varieties genomic diversity data analysis tools and visualisation resourcesrepresents a major milestone in advancing the ability to breed new rice varieties to feed a growing population while also addressing the challenges of grow- ing crops in a changing climate. The team has published two companion papers in the journal Nature Communications. PRODUCT NEWS Arcadia Biosciences and Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds announce the achievement of a pipeline advancement target in the development of salinity tolerant rice. In two years of initial field trials rice varieties with Arcadias salinity tolerance ST trait showed double-digit yield increases under saline conditions with no loss of yield under normal conditions. Mahyco will be advancing these lead ST rice lines into their trait introgression program and conducting further multi-location field trials to validate trait perfor- mance a significant step in product development and commercial advancement for both compa- nies. With the conclusion of the salinity tolerant rice trials we are able to identify lines which have shown superior performance in acute salt stress conditions said Dr. Usha Barwale Zehr chief technology officer of Mahyco. We will now move forward to incorporate these rice lines into elite materials to bring commercial benefits to rice growers. Arcadias ST trait enables plants to produce increased yields under conditions of elevated salinity expanding the range of usable acreage for crop production and reduc- ing requirements for fresh water. ST rice is in Phase 3 of development and the trait has been applied other important row crops such as wheat and cotton. A transdisciplinary group of scientistsfrom insti- tutions in thePhilippines Colombia Indonesia the United States Australia and Japan has suc- cessfully developedricewith increased levels of iron Fe and zinc Zn throughbiofortifi- cation. The study found that the genetically engineered rice has significantly increased levels of Fe up to 15 micrograms and Zn up to 45.7 micrograms per gram of polished rice that human cells can potentially absorb. Polished rice grains contain only about two micrograms of Fe and 16 micrograms of Zn per gram and with limited variation in grain Fe content across the ricegenepoolconventional breed- ingefforts have not been successful in reaching 13 micrograms of Fe and 28 micrograms of Zn per gram of polished rice to fulfill 30 per cent of the estimated average requirement in humans. The scientists used genesnicotianamine syn- thase from rice and ferritin fromsoybeanthat together produce high-micronutrient grains. They introduced the genes to the rice variety IR64 and bred these into other popular indica varieties the most widely grown rice from South and Southeast Asia where Fe and Zn deficiencies are prevalent. TO SUBMIT YOUR INDUSTRY NEWS SEND YOUR PRESS RELEASES TO NEWSISSUESINK.COM Exclusively being in the seed coating business we offer our customers long term support and work with them to develop tailored solutions and add value to their seeds. ITS THE MIX THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE EQUIPMENT Dressing Our specialities Encrusting Pelleting CHEMISTRY SERVICE