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In doing so, he will iden- tify and leverage new opportunities and mul- tinational collaborative business development initiatives focused on the long-term growth of Verdesian technologies. Prior to joining the Verdesian team, Treurniet was an integral busi- ness development leader at companies including Syngenta and DuPont, working in agricultural markets globally. He has a proven track record of anticipating and addressing customer needs and growth expectations. Treurniet will begin work with Verdesian immediately, and will be based at the company’s headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, United States. DLF announces the hiring of Søren Ustrup as business director, southern hemisphere. In this position, he will be responsible for pro- moting and developing the DLF business plat- form in that part of the world. Prior to joining DLF, Ustrup led the Arla Foods Ingredients’ business in Mexico. Since 2001, he has been in charge of major commercial activities for Arla Foods Ingredients in the Middle East and South America, including sales, marketing, business development and product management. Syngenta announces the appointment of J. Erik Fyrwald, currently president and CEO of the US chemistry distribution company Univar Inc., as chief executive officer, effective June 1. Erik succeeds John Ramsay, who has been interim CEO since November 2015. Fyrwald spent 27 years at DuPont where he held posi- tions of increasing responsibility in technology, manufacturing, sales and marketing, strategic planning, and regional and global business unit leadership, including four years in Asia. Arcadia Biosciences announces Raj Ketkar has joined the company as president and chief executive officer. Ketkar will replace Roger Salameh, who has served as interim president and CEO since February. Salameh will take on a new role as chief operating officer for the company, reporting to the CEO. Ketkar brings nearly 35 years of agriculture and agricultural biotechnology business experience in the United States and internationally. He spent more than 30 years in a variety of business, operations, and strategy roles for Monsanto Company, during which time he demonstrated successes in agricultural trait commerciali- sation and growth around the globe. As man- aging director of the Mahyco-Monsanto joint venture in India, Ketkar led the launch of Bt cotton, the country’s first agricultural biotech- nology product. In addition to his operations and trait commercialisation experience, Ketkar was also director of biotechnology strategy for Monsanto, where he led the development of the company’s trait stacking technology. The International Seed Federation has wrapped up the business portion of its 2016 World Seed Congress with a general assembly where delegates voted in a new president— Jean-Christophe Gouache of Limagrain. Gouache will serve a two-year term as pres- ident. In this role, he will be responsible for implementing the ISF 2020 plan, which focuses on innovation, the movement of seed, intellec- tual property rights, biodiversity and engage- ment. A member of the seed industry for 35 years, Gouache is familiar with the issues of the seed industry. Within Limagrain, he is vice-president for international affairs and chairman of the Scientific Affairs Committee. Additionally, he has served on the Executive Committee since 1998. BUSINESS NEWS SynTech Research France has acquired land and buildings to establish a GEP and GLP Seeds Technical Centre at L’Isle Jourdain, in the intensive agricultural area around Toulouse in southwest France. The site contains labora- tories for activities such as seed preparation for trials, plus chemical storage and freezer cham- ber facilities. It also includes office space. In addition, in response to increasing requests from clients for GEP and GLP (residues and ecotox) trials in the field, greenhouse and protected crops, SynTech has expanded its main research station in France and EU headquarters’ site near Macon, Burgundy. BASF opens a new R&D centre at the crop pro- tection division’s headquarters in Limburgerhof, Germany. By housing two promising and well-connected research areas – biological crop protection and seed solutions – the centre will be a hub of expertise for solutions in chemistry and biology to farmers around the globe. ‘Our investment in this expanded capacity is a step forward to unlocking the agricultural potential in seeds and crops in different and untapped ways’, said Philipp Rosendorfer, vice-president of R&D functional crop care for BASF’s Crop Protection division. The research on biological solutions, which consists of naturally occurring organisms or extracts thereof, provides great opportunities to complement BASF’s chemical crop protection. Moreover, the combination between chemistry and biology generates a new range of pioneering solutions for seed treatment. DLF, a leader in forage and turf seed, has acquired a majority shareholding in Estero S.A. based in Montevideo, Uruguay. DLF’s investment in Estero confirms the group’s stra- tegic goal to develop a strong business platform in South America, according to a news release. DLF has acquired 60 per cent of the shares in Estero S.A., whereas Carlos Rocha and Jorge