8 I EUROPEAN SEED I EUROPEAN-SEED.COM will be completed automatically as the same data was contained in previous applications, which saves a tremendous amount of time and also ensures consistency between applications for the same variety. •  Different user roles can be specified (e.g. drafter, signa- tory, translator, agent, procedural representative) • Controlled access, secure and confidential • Track your applications The tool provides the flexibility to fit the needs of each breeder. For instance, if you need to have a large number of people from the same company accessing the system or one specific pending application, you can assign different roles in the tool according to the responsibility of each member of the team. In smaller companies you can perform, by yourself, the full process from the creation of the breeder account, to the com- pletion of the application form (including the technical part) to application submission and make payment online via the secured interface. Last but not least, the tool allows breeders to monitor and track PBR submitted application around the world. ES: WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS IN ITS IMPLEMENTATION? BR: The UPOV PRISMA team is continuously looking for new fea- tures that will improve the quality of the tool and address users’ needs in terms of access to information or new ways of working. For instance, we are currently investigating the following: • Novelty alerts • Alerts on application deadlines •  Information on next steps after application data submitted •  Access to a list of local accredited agents/ procedural rep- resentatives • Information on DUS cooperation • More participating UPOV members •  How to cover all crops/species for all participating UPOV members •  More PVP offices with machine-to-machine links to UPOV PRISMA, where relevant ES: NOW THAT THE FIRST APPLICATIONS HAVE STARTED TO COME IN, WHAT WOULD YOU ADVISE TO PLANT BREEDING COMPANIES IN TERMS OF USING UPOV PRISMA? BR: Go online and test the tool for yourselves, make the most of the special offer this year in which UPOV PRISMA is free of charge. It’s a unique opportunity to see how efficient and rele- vant UPOV PRISMA can be for you and your company. Use the system and see how it can help you save time and create new business opportunities. Ultimately it is the seed industry as a whole that will benefit from this important new development and the farmers who get access to the newly released varieties. Go to the UPOV PRISMA Website (www.upov.int/upovp- risma) to see how to get started, and the UPOV PRISMA team remains at your disposal to guide you through the process and reply to your questions (prisma@upov.int). 1. Argentina; Australia; Bolivia (Plurinational State of); Canada; Chile; China; Colombia; European Union; France; Georgia; Kenya; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Paraguay; Republic of Moldova; Switzerland; Tunisia; Turkey; United States of America; Uruguay.