ADVERTORIAL CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE™ TO FOCUS ON SEED, CROP PROTECTION PRODUCTS AND INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS Pierre Flye Sainte Marie, Leader, Europe, Middle East, Africa Region, Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, talks about a unified agriculture company that helps growers produce more and better food, with fewer resources. Dow and DuPont have gone through a complex process of merging and forming three new entities. Can you describe a bit more about the background of the merger and the progress? PIERRE FLYE SAINTE MARIE (PF): The Agriculture Division of DowDuPont has recently announced the name of the intended company once it is spun-off, which is expected to happen by June 1, 2019. The intended agriculture company will become Corteva Agriscience, which is derived from a combina- tion of words meaning “heart” and “nature”. Corteva Agriscience brings together DuPont Crop Protection, DuPont Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences to create a market-shaping, standalone agri- culture company with leading positions in seed technologies, crop protection and digital agriculture. This is the start of an exciting journey. With the most balanced portfolio of products in the industry, nearly a century of agronomic expertise and an unparalleled innovation engine, Corteva Agriscience will become a leading agriculture company, focused on working together with the entire food system to produce a secure supply of healthy food. What is the status of creating the unified agriculture company in Europe, Middle East and Africa? PF: We are progressing well according to our plan. We are already deploying the unified company in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. In EMEA, we have a balanced port- folio, almost 50-50 per cent between seeds and crop protection. We have a strong position in corn, wheat, canola, sunflower and specialty crops. We are covering all geographies in the region, we have a footprint in all key countries, and we have very strong COMBINING HEART AND NATURE PIERRE FLYE SAINTE MARIE 34 I EUROPEAN SEED I EUROPEAN-SEED.COM