b'20MOST INFLUENTIALin the european seed sectorDear readers of European Seed,Who made a difference in the European seed sector in 2018? I amwe have certainly succeeded in our goals in terms of recognition sure there are many names that come top-of-mind in all sectors,and conversation.levels and branches of our industry. Rightly so, as many peopleAs we printed last year, you will again find a few lines of text per should be recognized for their contributions and hopefully theirinfluential person, explaining in a nutshell what their key contribu-organizations give them their due. However, some individuals jumption(s) have been in the past year, and why that person should be out as having a bigger impact, and those are the people who caughton the list. Like last year, you will see that our nominees are not only our eye. And with our annual list of the 20 Most Influential, werefrom the private sector, but also many from the public sector, i.e. trying to put the spotlight on exactly those movers and shakers. policy makers, that have made a lasting impact on the seed sector.One big difference from our list last year is that for this edition,And of course, there will always be people who you think should we were able to rely entirely on nominations that we receivedhave been on the list, and question why others were omitted. We from all of you. This shows that the list is gaining traction towardsvery much welcome and look forward to any feedback you wish the goal it was designed for: generating more discussion, moreto share. This list will come out on a yearly basis, and herewith you engagement and above all, more appreciation for the seed sector. have standing invitation to share your feedback as to who you think Last years list was a great success, and can be found on ourshould have been on the list, and why. website. Our list was received very well, with many congratulatoryWe would like to add that although appearing on the list can replies and good feedback. On social media, the article was widelybe seen as an honour, European Seed makes it clear that entrants shared and comments we received from last years list helpedare recognized for changing the seed world, regardless of the in compiling this years list. Our 20 Most Influential honoureesconsequences of their actions. We hope you enjoy the list and look appreciated the article and how it gave a voice to their projects,forward to your feedback.research, organizations and causes. Seeing the many interactions,Marcel BruinsEUROPEAN-SEED.COMIEUROPEAN SEED I 9'