b'FIND US AT ISF 2019BOOTH NO. CIMBRIA.COM609/610GROWING INTO THE FUTURETAKING CARE ADDING VALUESOLUTIONS FOR HANDLING AND STORAGE OFGRAIN AND SEEDCimbria develops and manufactures an entire range of equipment and solutions for seed processing and grain storage.Thorough technical engineering experience and in-depth product knowledge enable us to supply solutions for cleaning, grading and treatment of various seed and grain products. Special focus is kept on effective sorting and cleaning, gentle handling and storage, crop-purity, safe and dust-free operation and low running costs.CIMBRIA UNIGRAIN A/SPraestejorden 6|DK-7700 ThistedPhone: +45 96 17 90 00E-mail: unigrain@cimbria.comCONVEYING|DRYING|SEED PROCESSING|ELECTRONIC SORTING|STORAGE|TURNKEY|SERVICEcorporate_210x297_ES_ISF_GB.indd 1 27-03-2019 09:35:37'